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Lesley Hussell

Herb is a WordPress genius, creating websites that are simple to use and do whatever the customer needs. Nothing is too much trouble – he takes great pains to make sure you understand what he's doig so you can do it too, avoids geek-speak although he's a tech wizard, and is patient and meticulous. He's a total WordPress zealot and knows countless tricks and widgets. His prices are very affordable and represent excellent value for money. An all-round good guy. Lesley Hussell -

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Dave Carson

I hired Herb to transform my website to WordPress. He did this for me and at the same time totally transformed my website. He has done a fantastic job and not forgetting the time he put in helping me understand how to use my new website. I would definitely recommend Herb to anyone who wants to work with someone who knows what they're talking about and who does such a brilliant job. Thank you Herb and keep up the great work. David Carson

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Classic Car Doctor

Everyone thinks the site is great. Really professional. I've already got two new customers... one from the Bahamas. Dave the Classic Car Doctor

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Xandrien Thiel

I sent my website address to a lot of friends and asked feedback.I already got some good tips. And a lot of enthusiastic remarks as well. Xandrien Thiel

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When you want to know what people think then you can use a voting or rating system. I’m considering using this to find out what is considered most important for a website. The more important the requirement the higher the rating or the more votes it would get. I’m going to look at the following plugins selected from those matching my search keywords of: rating and vote. The one’s I pick to try will be popular and may be expected to work on the latest version of WordPress.

Plugin name and description Plugin links Version, total downloads, last update, tested
Adds an AJAX rating system for your WordPress blog's post/page.
2016-04-19 4:51am GMT
WP Voting
Site owner to add voting functionality to the blog posts.
2012-05-29 3:10am GMT
gd-star-rating No info available  
five-star-rating No info available  
Let users vote on the posts at your blog.
2008-07-24 6:32pm GMT

Plugins chosen

OK, that’s easy, I’m going to try wp-postrating on wp-voting on and gd-star-rating on on www.[fob][bong][hide].com

Initial comments

wp-voting requires me to add code to the theme template files if(function_exists('wpv_voting_display_vote')) wpv_voting_display_vote(get_the_ID()); so I’ll come back to that later.

WP-voting revisited

OK, I’ve had another look. I’ll try using the [wpvoting] shortcode then! I’m going to try this on www.rowlandscastlewebdesign/rcgc

That was unsuccessful. It doesn’t support WordPress Multisite

GD star rating

GD star rating didn’t install well on WordPress Multi-site. I got a couple of [fob]s so I’ve deactivated it. I’ve now installed a version on my local machine. It’s very complicated. So another one to come back to later. I did try it again on It seems to work.