A tabular comparison of 6 WordPress contact form plugins:

  1. Contact Form 7
  2. Custom Contact Forms
  3. Fast Secure Contact Form
  4. Jetpack (Grunion Contact Form)
  5. Gravity Forms
  6. and finally oik


  • One of my customers wants a contact form that will send a copy of the email to the person who filled in the form,
  • another wants people to be able to write to the author of the post,
  • and another wants a contact form for each of multiple recipients.
  • We don’t want any spam

When I first wrote this blog post I’d used at least 5 different contact form plugins, but not seen a table which summarises their capabilities.

So, I wrote a contact form that would satisfy my customer’s requirements, and then produced (as best I could) the comparison table.

Feature Contact Form 7 Custom Contact Forms Fast Secure Contact Form Jetpack – Grunion Contact Form Gravity forms oik
Name, Email, Subject, Message, Submit y y y y y y
Other fields y y y y – contact-field shortcode y n – but see oik-fields
shortcode contact-form-7 customcontact si-contact-form contact-form gravityform [bw_contact_form]
multiple user ? ? ? y ? Yes
AJAX popup / slidein  ? soon ? n  ? coming soon
email copy to form filler n n n n y y
Thanks message / Redirect / thank you page message below form message / page ALL ? ALL message
Field validation & sanitization *=required,5=HTML 5 validation,y=backend validation sanitization *,,y *,?,y *,,y *,,? *,5,y
Auto responder n n y ? ? n
captcha / Akismet checking captcha (using really-simple-captcha), Akismet captcha, is human cb captcha, Akismet Akismet ? Akismet
Logged in database n y y Feedbacks – including SPAM! n – but see oik-fields
Multiple languages y n y ? ? coming soon
Badly behaved code? – always generates CSS, jQuery, PHP notify messages ? n ? ? ? n

Notes: oik and oik-user

  • The oik contact form is part of the oik base plugin.
  • The oik-user plugin adds the support for recording and displaying the OIK Information Kit information for the registered users of the site, in addition to the business/company information that oik currently caters for.

Compare them for yourself

For more information about the plugins which available from WordPress.org see:

Plugin name and description Plugin links Version, total downloads, last update, tested
Contact Form 7
Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible.
2016-08-08 9:18pm GMT
Custom Contact Forms
Build beautiful custom forms and manage submissions the WordPress way. View live previews of your forms while you build them. Create powerful and exst
2016-07-01 2:38pm GMT
Fast Secure Contact Form
An easy and powerful form builder that lets your visitors send you email. Blocks all automated spammers. No templates to mess with.
2016-08-27 2:21am GMT
Jetpack by WordPress.com
Increase your traffic, view your stats, speed up your site, and protect yourself from hackers with Jetpack.
2016-09-08 1:31pm GMT
lazy smart shortcodes for your WordPress website
oik 3.0.3

2016-09-02 04:41:40

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