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Xandrien Thiel

I sent my website address to a lot of friends and asked feedback.I already got some good tips. And a lot of enthusiastic remarks as well. Xandrien Thiel

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Dave Carson

I hired Herb to transform my website to WordPress. He did this for me and at the same time totally transformed my website. He has done a fantastic job and not forgetting the time he put in helping me understand how to use my new website. I would definitely recommend Herb to anyone who wants to work with someone who knows what they're talking about and who does such a brilliant job. Thank you Herb and keep up the great work. David Carson

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Classic Car Doctor

Everyone thinks the site is great. Really professional. I've already got two new customers... one from the Bahamas. Dave the Classic Car Doctor

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Lesley Hussell

Herb is a WordPress genius, creating websites that are simple to use and do whatever the customer needs. Nothing is too much trouble – he takes great pains to make sure you understand what he's doig so you can do it too, avoids geek-speak although he's a tech wizard, and is patient and meticulous. He's a total WordPress zealot and knows countless tricks and widgets. His prices are very affordable and represent excellent value for money. An all-round good guy. Lesley Hussell -

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I'm an excerpt Continue reading

I’m using and have switched site to which is a privately hosted site connected to .com by Jetpack. I’m wondering if featured image should work?

ditto for tags and categories.

What about shortcodes?

meta box works

I now own an iPad. I don’t really know how to use it. When I use Add Media the file is called image.jpg I want to rename it. So I need a plugin. Continue reading – the Dynamic API Reference for WordPress – is a WordPress Multisite installation. sub-domains are used to hold the documentation for a selected plugin, theme or combinations thereof. Each time a new sub-domain is created we need to clone the contents of

We’ve used two different plugins to perform the cloning. Our current plugin of choice is multisite-cloner. Why? Because it’s the only one fast enough to complete the job. Continue reading

At WordCamp Bournemouth earlier this month someone mentioned that their customer really disliked the “Howdy,” message at the top right of the WordPress admin bar. There are already a number of plugins that replace the text. I looked at a couple and they did similar things, some doing it better than others. Continue reading

WordCamp UK 2014 is coming. Continue reading

This post is used to demonstrate the tab-slide WordPress plugin. Continue reading

In the latest updates to the oik base plugin some functionality has been moved from oik to oik-bob-bing-wide. Continue reading

I’ve been trying to rediscover a plugin that included a “You may also like” section below each post that I’d originally by accident when updating a site and its plugins, but didn’t leave enabled because there were some integration problems. Continue reading

A number of my clients have multiple WordPress websites. They write their own content. Sometimes they want a play area (AKA sandbox) where they can try things out without messing up the site content. For quite a few of them, implementing a WordPress Multisite solution would appear to be the way to go. They would have their main sites visible to the general public and the play area(s) would be protected from view.

But it’s not just a simple matter of creating a site which is not checked as Public. Although it would not be listed by a shortcode such as [bw_blogs] it would still be accessible if you type in the site’s home URL.

So we need a plugin to protect the site. There appears to be a choice. Continue reading